The following day (from our trip to Villa Carlos Paz) we went to Villa General Belgrano. The trip unfortunately meant we would have to travel back to the terminal de omnibus de la ciudad de Cordoba (city bus terminal) and then head to Villa General Belgrano from there since there is no direct route from […]

Cordoba is considered a province and a city, depending on which you are referring to. A common question Argentinians will ask after telling them you are from Cordoba is, “Are you from the ciudad (city) or provencia (province)?” I have been fortunate enough to be placed in the center of the city of Cordoba, however […]

This weekend we went to Mendoza, a city in Argentina known specifically for its wine and olive oil making. Not only do they have various tasting of all kinds of wines, olive spreads, and dulce de leche, they also have various outdoor excursions to enjoy. As a group we decided to do horseback riding along […]

I arrived to Cordoba on July 6th, the Sunday before Argentina played in the World Cup semifinals. Up until Wednesday of that week (luckily it was a national┬áholiday so no hospital shift or Spanish class!) people were nonstop talking about the upcoming game. Of course, all the talk was about how many goals Messi would […]