Healthcare and Politics in Argentina

The first thing our coordinators informed us was that every hospital
we were assigned to work at for the next four weeks, were public hospitals. Our coordinators knew that at the time none of us knew exactly what that meant or entailed, but that after a couple days we would observe some major differences between Argentina’s healthcare system and that of the US. On my first day, I stepped through the doors of Hospital Pediatrico del Nino Jesus and saw a huge line of parents with their children. This line would go from near the entrance around the corner and towards the other end of the hospital. I was greeted with this every day at work. At our next weekly meeting, our coordinators Carlos and Charly asked us how everything at work was and if we noticed anything unusual compared to the common hospital back at home. They then went to explain why this was.


The outside playground at the Hospital Pediatrico del Nino Jesus


The courtyard of the hospital where many went out with their kids to play


The front of Hospital Pediatrico del Nino Jesus

Argentina’s healthcare system is divided into 3 sectors:

1. Publico (Public) Sector: The public sector is funded through taxes

2. Privado (Private) Sector: The private sector which is purchased through an individual

3. Obras Sociales (Social Security) Sector: This sector is funded through unions.


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