Heading towards the outskirts–the Provinces of Cordoba

Cordoba is considered a province and a city, depending on which you are referring to. A common question Argentinians will ask after telling them you are from Cordoba is, “Are you from the ciudad (city) or provencia (province)?” I have been fortunate enough to be placed in the center of the city of Cordoba, however there is much more to Cordoba than the city. We decided to explore what else there was to cordoba for our last available weekend. Some of the common cities we had heard of in the province of Cordoba was Villa Carlos Paz and Villa General Belgrano. We had heard that many of the college students of Cordoba head out to Carlos Paz and rent a cabin for summer break. We also heard that Villa General Belgrano was a cute small Germany town that so happened to have a chocolate festival that weekend. So we all headed out on the collectivo (bus) to Villa Carlos Paz first. The trip took about two hours from the city. Before arriving, we had booked a cabin for the night and we were excited to bond as a group on the lakeside cabin. Despite it being winter, the view was more than gorgeous! 

Stefanie and I taking a selfie in front of the cabin's view!

Stefanie and I taking a selfie in front of the cabin’s view!

When arriving to the bust station we booked a city tour of Carlos Paz. We then settled into our cabin and ordered empanadas (empanada party!) to hit the road shortly after.

On our city tour guide we started off by taking el camino de las cien curvas (the path of 100 curves.) Although at first, it sounds like a dangerous route, it was actually tranquil and scenic. 


En route to the cien curvas!

On the left we would see the lake and on the right we would see wealthy vacation homes and eventually we would find ourself in the sierras.


Typical expensive vacation house of Carlos Paz (Photo Credit: Stefanie Meyer)


Sierras of Cordoba (Photo Credit: Stefanie Meyer)

Our first tour stop was at an ampitheater



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