A weekend in Mendoza, Argentina

This weekend we went to Mendoza, a city in Argentina known specifically for its wine and olive oil making. Not only do they have various tasting of all kinds of wines, olive spreads, and dulce de leche, they also have various outdoor excursions to enjoy. As a group we decided to do horseback riding along the andes followed by an asado and red wine for dinner on friday, city bicycling and bodega tours on saturday and an altamontana tour on sunday in which we stopped at aconagua, puenta del inca, y valle de upsallata which all made up part of the andes. Overall the small city of mendoza was absolutely gorgeous and we had a wonderful time meeting people from all over the world in our hostel. I hope to return and visit mendoza sometime in the future because I loved my weekend there.


Watching the asado being prepared at the end of our horseback riding session with fellow interns Monique Nguyen and Allie Krugman


Sunset horseback riding!


The barrels of wine at one of the four bodegas we visited in Mendoza on our bike bodega tour


The starting point of our biking bodega tour


The first bodega we visited was Carmelo Patti which was known for having the one of the world’s best Malbec


One of the dulces de leche I tried at the last bodega of our tour


One of the stops of the Altamontana trip in Mendoza








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