La Paz, I have arrived

After an 11 hour flight with 3 stops (San Salvador, Lima, and La Paz) I had finally made it to my destination at 1 am. There I was greeted by many Bolivians offering cab rides and a couple of street dogs. Eventually the CFHI driver arrived and took us to our homestay. On the way me and another participant witnessed something we had never seen before. There was a large group of Bolivians squandering outside of a van. When passing by, the seemingly stranded Bolivians approached our car at a very sharp curve. The driver immediately honked and yelled at them while zooming by. He then continued to explained that what we had witnessed was “El curbo del diablo.” The story goes that this curve in La Paz is so sharp that there is a car accident there everyday. Not only does the curve receive its name for that fact alone, but because those squandering Bolivians approaching us are said to be devil worshipers. This was an extremely unique first glimpse of the city but also quite deceiving as to how the whole city is. When I finally arrived to my homestay, the mother greeted me with a welcoming smile and hug followed by a typical worried mother response. She immediately made me te de mate (tea consisting of cocoa leaves) for the altitude sickness to come (Bolivia is very elevated!)

A typical Bolivian dinner consisted of mate/tea/coffee and bread

A typical Bolivian dinner consisted of mate/tea/coffee and bread


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